Saturday, April 27, 2013

Jules - Playing in his Fisher Price tent

DIY - Photobooth Picture

DIY- Drink tags for the Birthday Party

DIY- MUSTACHE acrylic pins

 p.r.o.c.e.s.s.    p.h.o.t.o.s

and we are super ready to give these out this coming Sunday!
i think they look so awesome that we can sell on etsy. 
Don't you think so?

DIY - Handmade buttons to give away!

Weeks ago, i was busy making buttons. Then I had a thought. How to package them so that it will look better to give away for Jules' first birthday party. So I wanted to make a card thingy to pin the buttons on...and things got so carried away that I wanted to personalise things that i started to look for slogans or phrases to do with 'buttons' or 'pin'.

in the end, i came up with my own "KEEP CALM AND PIN ON"

and besides buttons to give away, I'm also giving away "MUSTACHE" pins too!!!  plus i managed to find this cute phrase online.

"MUST pin now. STACHE later." which uses the MUSTACHE word!
 here are the print outs and we've stuck them onto vanguard sheets.
 hubs cutting the first few to try out.

 next we have to puncture 2 holes to fit the back of the pins.
 this is how the final product looks! Here's the Front
and here's the back!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Superstar Virgo - Day 3

here we are, in our balcony room. yes. we made the room exchange last night with grandpa and Jules can have the whole sea view to himself now. actually it wasn't as breezy as I thought it was going to be.

just alot of sea view.
The room isn't much bigger but they have a hot water kettle which is really good for babies as we need to prepare milk as well as to heat up bottled food too.

if only the room has a mini bar fridge. that would be even better!!!!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Superstar Virgo - Day 2 Part 1

 Good Morning!!!
We were so beat out last night after the supper...slept late and didn't want to wake up. Early morning, grandpa and grandma came over to our room and took Jules and helper for breakfast, leaving us in the room to zzz. Needless to say, our little man was carried off to breakfast in his PJs and not even changing his diaper!

but we just slept. zzz
one hour later, they all came back to our room because we still haven't showed ourselves at the breakfast area.

OMG. you mean they have gone for an hour already!!!
it felt like it was only 10mins! and hubs was just telling them to go first and we will catch up later.

ok...better wake up now before they close up. sigh.
i thought i was on a holiday?!?!?

After we ate our breakfast, brought Jules to the childcare centre to enquire whether did they have baby portable bath tubs on board or baby bottled food...answer was NO.

and the guy at the counter when we booked our trip said that they serve baby bottled food on board.
lucky thing i came prepared.

Jules with all his coloured bath buddies - octupus, seahorse, chilli crab and starfish

Jules. showered and changed into his new romper from Uniqlo Japan. Bought this cute anchor print romper during a sale when we went Hokkaido in Feb.
Jules trying his seahorse

Jules thinking of throwing seahorse back to the sea

and we brought him back to the arcade which was next to the childcare centre... aircon is pretty cold on we also brought him a sweater to keep him warm.

after all that excitement in the arcade, Jules fell asleep and hubs and I had some time alone to walk the ship.

Did i mention it's time to eat already??? Yup it's lunch time. and after lunch, we will be dropping Redang for a quick dip in the sea.
pursing lips. 
looking at each other from the corner of the eyes.
looking at each other again.

stay tune for our sunny sandy Redang photos!
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