Friday, April 19, 2013

Superstar Virgo- Day 1

Rem the last time i was complaining about how horrible Superstar Gemini was after the renovation?
Well I was given a compensation on board Superstar Virgo.
So I gave them a second chance and went on board 3 Day 2 Nights to Redang and back.

well. it's a eat and grow fat vacation.
24/7 is all about eating. There's early breakfast, breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner and supper! And there's so much BBQ food at the Mediterranean Buffet!!! But peeps...there are only like 4 venues which are free...the rest of the restaurants have charges like the Japanese, a really posh italian one and another chinese one.

Besides eating, we also took time to catch their live performances - sing-a-long and magic shows.
Then there's fire drill if you want to attend, but our whole family was up on the deck enjoying the scenery of harbourfront and sentosa...

oh..forgot to mention. Because there are only 4 venues where you can just swipe your card and go in, the Western and chinese restaurants usually have a queue. So if you are early before it opens, most probably you will get a seat. People like us with a baby, it's really hard to control our timing plus we travel in a big group - think uncle, auntie, grandpa, grandma, baby, helper, me and hubs...yeah...tough to gather.

so when we finally settle on one restaurant, we usually ended up the next serving time and the waiting time is about 30mins to 1 hour.

230pm: Check in and get your pass.
430pm: time to board the cruise!!!

and here's our room with a window...grandpa and grandma are way above us, they have booked a room with a tomorrow night we are swopping rooms to try!

 Jules is really happy with a window view. Clapping hands.
By the time when all of us have gathered together, the waiting time for The Pavilion was 1hr and 30mins so the receptionist told us to go to Bella Vista which was a Western restaurant but they still serve chinese food too!

So up and down we went to Bella Vista.
Did i mention up and down? Yes I did.
This is because Bella Vista was on the 6th floor and it is at the furthest end of the ship while The Pavilion was at the front end of the 6th floor and we had to go to the 7th floor which is connected throughout to get to Bella Vista.

Think of old HDB slab block where the lift stops at certain floors and you have to get off and go across a corridor and down a flight of steps to get to one flat?

yup, it is this kind of scenario.
The one and only full family photo on this trip!
We were lucky that we didn't have to wait long.  The only bad thing is that although they serve both western and chinese food, you can't have half and half. Meaning if you have a table of 10, you cannot have 5 persons eating chinese and 5 persons eating western. The whole table must eat the same cuisine. Sigh. whatever right?

Jules pointing up to the cable cars above the ship. We haven't started sailing yet...and we already had our dinner on board... most restaurants open at 6pm whereas The Pavilion opens early at 530pm. Sailing time starts at we are sort of stucked here at Harbourfront.

So much for Day 1.

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