Saturday, April 6, 2013

Jules - Harbourfront Kiddy Rides

after a meal at Taiwan Snacks at Harbourfront, we brought Jules upstairs to change his diaper because he pooed. And after coming out from the diaper changing room, there were a whole string of kiddy rides just outside!!! of cos the little fella shakes his legs and points his fingers at the rides adamantly...
i think his body language is very telling.

the rest you just have to see his expression...

 Jules and his bat mobile
 after a few seconds in the bat mobile, he wants to sit in another ride.
Talk about changing cars at this young age...tsk tsk.
 he decided that he love the truck most because it has 2 steering wheels!

See his 2 hands?? each on one steering wheel..but his eyes are at another direction!!!
Looking at the other kid in the other ride.
 and a boy comes into his ride and took the steering wheel!!! Jules' eyes went O_O
 and he goes hmm....mmm....not complaining...maybe he's scare to voice out.
 seconds later..he averts his eyes elsewhere and goes hmm....

 finally the boy left and jules looks towards him...

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