Saturday, April 20, 2013

Superstar Virgo - Day 2 Part 2

after the horrible lunch because they didn't have rice and had to go to another restaurant to get some.
NOW fast forward...we are on a small boat. off to Redang island.

 the captain is busy sucking his thumb

 captain Jules in his bright orange arm floats.

after his swim. captain Jules is sporting a pair of sunnies and anchor print romper. sitting comfortably on grandma's thighs. life is so shiok.
 i'm gatecrashing the threesome's photo...everyone is looking at me...

on the boat again. going back to Superstar Virgo. grandma is playing peek-a-boo with Jules. I wonder who is more entertained. the kiddo or the granny???

 back on the ship. cold. Jules looking abit like Darth Varder.

end of day 2.
tomorrow we are heading back to singapore!!!

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