Saturday, April 27, 2013

DIY - Handmade buttons to give away!

Weeks ago, i was busy making buttons. Then I had a thought. How to package them so that it will look better to give away for Jules' first birthday party. So I wanted to make a card thingy to pin the buttons on...and things got so carried away that I wanted to personalise things that i started to look for slogans or phrases to do with 'buttons' or 'pin'.

in the end, i came up with my own "KEEP CALM AND PIN ON"

and besides buttons to give away, I'm also giving away "MUSTACHE" pins too!!!  plus i managed to find this cute phrase online.

"MUST pin now. STACHE later." which uses the MUSTACHE word!
 here are the print outs and we've stuck them onto vanguard sheets.
 hubs cutting the first few to try out.

 next we have to puncture 2 holes to fit the back of the pins.
 this is how the final product looks! Here's the Front
and here's the back!

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