Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Jules #163 - Learning to watch TV!!!

Little Jules is learning to watch telly on our sofa! I'm in a dilemma now, not sure whether is it too early to introduce tv to the little fella. However he does seem very calm and interested in the black box which gives me some 'peace' time. Sigh....

Jules at 83 days

Jules is lifting his head higher and higher!

Mummy is so proud of you darling!!! Keep up the good work!

Jules - New shorts from H&M

  Jules in his new shorts from H&M. Think it cost only $6.90?

Monday, July 30, 2012

Getting better with his mini push ups!

Jules at 11 weeks milestones:
He holds his head up for longer periods of time
Smiles when we smile at him
Smiles spontaneously
Tracks objects across his body
Watches a person intently especially me!
Gurgles in response to sounds
Sleeps through the night - 5 hours straight

Jules #162 - Happy Jules

Sometimes when Jules is in a happy mood, he can keep smiling in his rocker for at least half an hour!! YAY!! This means that I don't have to carry him which is a relief on my tired arms.

And he will raise his arms and swing it from left to right and right to left...and his cute chubby legs will kick and kick, doing his bicycle movements. Really adorable!!!!

Jules giving the third finger!!!!

Can you believe this kid !?!?

Jules - Aladdin

 Finally asleep.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Jules #161 - Wearing a cap!

Here's Jules wearing a baby cap from H&M!

but he doesn't seem too pleased with having something on top of his head. He's such a fussy baby...we purposely bought him a cap so that he could shade his eyes because he is always so unhappy with the strong glare from the sun whenever we are out.

ok darling, don't want to wear then we shall give it away!

Jules playing with his daddy

Jules - Rompers for the little fella turning 3 months soon!

Growing bigger and needing more new clothes
Went to the Baby Fair at Expo and bought more rompers for Jules...over here are mixes of his new rompers from different places...some were bought from H&M, some were from Baby Gap, the rest are from the Expo.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Jules #160 - Going for Great Grandma Birthday bash!

 Jules giving the hands up look and ahren falls down!

Jules wearing his new baby Gap Romper with matching green babyGap shorts courtesy from Auntie Joelle for his Great Grandma's birthday bash!!!

GAP currently is having a mini GSS at the Baby's department. 2 rompers for $30. Any Romper!!! So we chose this grey cum green romper and LOVE MOM romper.

Forty Hands Cafe Brunch!

Forty Hands Cafe is located in the Tiong Bahru Estate where a few quirky shops sprouted overnight! Besides this funky and popular cafe, opposite it there's a lifestyle shop where you can visit after your meal.

Hubs had the Big Boy Breakfast which was simply delicious! The sausages were tasty, and so were the sauteed mushrooms. It came with 2 fried eggs, baked beans, grilled half tomoate and 2 slices of pita bread topped with garden greens.

And I had the eggs benedict! Yes, lately i have been trying out egg benedict at most brunch places.

we shared a large cafe latte and it was really aromatic! The barrister was very skilled in coffee art too...My latte had a swan in it.
it's quite easy to spot forty hands from the surface carpark with its huge signage at the back. Here once you parked your car, you can enter the cafe via the rear through a small courtyard. There's outdoor and indoor sittings. The outdoor seats are filled with old furniture and industrial wire mesh done up for the table legs.
My Eggs Benedict

Jules #159 - First Swim!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Parklon Baby Mat

We ordered this Parklon Mat from Small Small World online and they were kind enough to call us to tell us that they were having a promotion at Takashimaya Baby Fair and that our choice of mat was on 20% sale!!!

so Daddy was kind enough to make his way down to Takashimaya and bought the mat for us!!!
And we saved $32 after the discount.

we bought the "Animal A-Z" in M size. Heard that it is quite a popular mat compared to the rest of the other designs. Probably because of its versatility in being able to reverse to a plain one?

Here are the specs:

-Learning alphabets through fun animal names with interesting illustrations!
-Revise side plain pattern is suitable for all ages and all occasions. It also makes small toy pieces more visible.
-Size: 1900 x 1300 x 12mm (size M)
-Material: eco friendly soft PVC (non toxic).
-Weight: ~6kg
-Packing: This item is packed folded in a carry bag.

*super happy* with my savings.

here's their website if you are interested:

Baby Fan for stroller

Dunno whether you parents out there are also like us. Being first time parents, we didn't know where to search for a stroller fan!

we went to Kiddy Palace and they did sell stroller fans or which they call it Baby Fans. It came with lights in the middle of the fan so we didn't buy it.

Next we search at Carrefour and Giant. Also to no avail.
I saw it at Challenger but it was super expensive. So we didn't buy it again.

finally Hubs found this one here at John Littles for $6.90.
Comes in either Blue or Red.


Jules - holding his rattle

Jules - covering his eyes while he is sleeping...after his short little nap, i put the rattle to his hand and he grasped it for a short while before letting it go...i think the rattle is too heavy for him.

he does a much better job at grasping his smelly burp towel.

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