Friday, July 20, 2012

Paradise Inn at Thomson Plaza

This is the first time that we have brought Jules to Thomson Plaza. And reason being that hubs has to bring his car for inspection checking and the nearest mall around the area was this and after checking around the place, we decided to have our dinner at Paradise Inn. It was quite crowded but we didn't have to wait long before we were seated.

immediately you are being served with braised peanuts and hubs is happily munching onto them while he is carrying Jules who is fast asleep.
 Huge crowd at Paradise Inn. Think they must be regulars who are staying within the vicinity.

and Jules is awake. Aiyah. Couldnt you have woken up later after we have our meal darling? Your timing is just perfect.
Here are some of the items which we tried that evening.
Pig Trotter Vermicelli
I didn't like this dish at all even though it was suppose to be their well known signature dishes. IThe vermicelli was oily and soggy. The pig trotter didn't have much meat at all, rather i thought i was being served pork bones here. The veggies were very little too.
Braised Tofu
 This dish was acceptable in it taste and looks. But most restaurants can do this dish right too.
salted meat with egg yolk
 Hubs ordered this, wondered why. But since he likes it then ok! He can finish it. hahahah.
see! Jules is King. Even all our dishes have arrived, we couldn't eat first because he has woken up and we must feed him first.
 and other side dishes which we ordered besides the mentioned ones above are : Braised belly pork with steamed buns and stir-fried kailan with oyster sauce.

I'm not coming back here any time soon.

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