Saturday, July 21, 2012

Jules #153 - Hosted @ on the Patio

After the visit at the PD, we went for brunch at Hosted @ on the patio.

It's located at the old Gan Eng Seng School campus or so i heard, along Alexandra Road.
I thought it would be very crowded being a weekend. But no, there's hardly anyone around!

besides a group of 4 ladies sitting at one corner, the other guests were us!

the ice water is free, on the house. Good.
Let's try their food...
Hubs ordered the croissant while i had the eggs benedict.
My eggs benedict were sour!! think they put too much vinegar when they were making the eggs. And my muffin was rubbery and cold, actually i think it's similar to those in McDonald's Big Breakfast.
Not good at all for the money that we are paying.

The service was ok.
The decor was clean, bright and white.
Don't think i will be coming back here again.
I'm will be trying out other brunch stay tune!

Inside - Bar Counter

Sound Asleep! YAY we can eat now.

Eggs Benedict

Croissant Set
We sat at the booth seat
 Here are some of their outdoor seating areas.

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