Saturday, July 21, 2012

Jules #152 - Going for his Jabs again!

It's a Saturday morning and today we are heading to the PD! Yes it's time for his Jabs - Tetanus, Polio virus and Pneumococcal.  Sigh...and it's a 2 poke thingy on both his thighs. Hopefully he doesn't get a fever from so many vaccines.

8am and we have Jules showered and smelling fresh as morning. He's wearing matching mustard coloured socks and romper. He's smiling ever so sweetly on our bed. Mornings are usually his favourite time of day.
Happy Jules - doesn't know he is in for a REAL TREAT!

it's 9am and we have reached the PD clinic and there's already a long waiting queue outside the glass doors even though they are not opened yet. After registrating at the counter, we are number 2 in the line and have to wait about 1 hour before the PD gets here.

it's 10am and we are in the PD office now and Jules is on the table. After a thorough check on Jules, it's time for his JAB!!!! so poor thing!!!

Jules at 2.5 months
Weight: 5.7 kgs
Height: 59cm
PD first jabs him on his left thigh...and he gives a squeal of pain!! SOB SOB!! mummy's heart goes out to you darling. Truly. Gosh, can somebody please invent another painless way for babies to have their vaccines taken.
Jules all EMO now and hubs is holding his right hand to give him some moral support...for the next jab!  *faints*  I almost couldn't bear to look.
My mind is thinking "Quick get the job done and let's go out!"

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