Saturday, July 7, 2012

Jules #136 - Going to Franc Frac

It's the weekend already and it begins on a saturday morning!!!
Good Morning Singapore! 
Today is such a beautiful day and we are bringing Jules to Vivocity for a tour. It's his first time to this big mega mall. Hope he will enjoy his little aircon outing.

First we start with a morning shower to freshen this little fella up!
Wakie Wakie. Rise and Shine!

Yawns after wake

Into the tub you go Jules. and he simply loves it!!!

Jules is wearing his new little blue tee and army Bermudas from COTTON ON kids with his casual slipper sock. See, he is sticking his little tongue out now. Then he realises that we are just doing our own thing and not really paying much attention to him....hahaha...and he stops smiling. Babies at 2 months are actually very sociable beings!!! And love attentions. So remember to smile often to your babies and they will appreciate you and return you back with their little coos and smiles.

And we have arrived at Vivocity and this is our first time at Francfranc! Love the space although i missed the old PageOne Book store. Anyway this puts I WANNA GO HOME some pressure on providing Singaporeans quality and unique home-style living items. Not only is the store big and easy for family friendly to walk and browse, their items are also all under one roof. Whatever you are searching for your new home, you are bound to find something here.

 After browsing Francfranc it's time to feed Jules. 
I think this is the first time we are using these sitting pods after our umpteenth time to vivocity. Before, we never had to rest our feet and use these we find them very conveniently placed just outside Francfranc...and if you are not interested in household items, COTTON ON is just beside them. And you can get affordable cotton basic clothings from there...and they have a section of stationery TYPO inside there too!

Jules is about to sneeze in our little family photo!
Happy Weekend folks!!

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