Monday, March 25, 2013

Jules - DIY refurbished 4 wheeler from a wine crate

here's Jules in our DIY 4 wheeler made from a recycled wine crate which belonged to our neighbour.
He's having a swell time here being wheeled around by our helper!
It was meant to be a toy box for all his toys but it looked like he could fit in for a ride so we let him have a go at it...and it went pretty well for his virgin ride.
Jules totally digging his wheeler.

by morning, we moved all his toys to his new more rides for Jules.
Good for our helper since the crate can move around while she cleans the floor.
 Our kiddo checking out his new toy box.

 click here for previous post on we made our DIY 4 wheeler toy box.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Jules - seriously funny

babies have mood swings too!
above photos were captured in seconds. no kidding.

Jules & Hubs

click on photos to view them bigger!

Jules - Cruising

step by step. 
Jules is getting better and better each day in pulling himself up onto our furniture.

Jules - Sipping from a sippy cup

ok...i haven't been a very diligent mother at tracking my son's development but here are some photos depicting his 'recent' developments.

i think it was about 3 weeks ago that he started to crawl up a step...then he moved on to crawl down a step. So it's definitely up first then down.
here's a recent photo of Jules...although he has started his sippy cup since 6 months old, I haven't really taken a photo of him drinking from it by himself. So here's how our son is drinking from a sippy cup. Yes, very lazy, one hand does it all...and usually after a sip, he will slam the cup up and down continuously. I think it's his way of having a good fun with his cup.

i don't really mind it at all since it's made of plastic and I'm too lazy to stop everything that he is doing. If i do so, i think i will go mad from trying.

so if you ever see a baby blabbering or screaming like he is having fun, or slamming things on the table and you are wondering whose baby it is, maybe it's mine!

Jules - My favourite photo this week!

Jules making a funny face

Jules - Eating habits at 10 months

Jules has been developing this habit of pushing and pulling his seat (in his seat!) while he eats. It's like he's jerking himself forward and backwards, then flapping his legs like he's running in the air...looks very cute but soo soo naughty!
My helper has such a hard time feeding this little fella. He turns his heads all the time and splutters while he eats despite hubs shouting a very stern NO at him. It works for awhile with him looking all dejected and quiet. But after one minute, he is back to his usual antics again.


Saturday, March 23, 2013

Jules - 10 months and 1 week old

sleepy eyed Jules

source from baby center. - which i think it's quite accurate!

Talking to your chatterbox

Your baby is just beginning to understand many simple words and phrases, so it's more important than ever to keep talking to him. Give your chatterbox a head start on good speech patterns by repeating his words back to him using adult language. If he asks for a "bah-bah," for example, gently reinforce the correct pronunciation by asking, "Do you want a bottle?" At this stage of the game, it's best to try to avoid the tendency to use baby talk — it's fun, but hearing the right words is better for your baby's development.

Though it may sometimes feel silly, having conversations with your baby is a great way to encourage his language skills. When he rattles off a sentence of gibberish, respond with "Oh, really? How interesting." He'll probably smile and keep chattering away.

Soon you may notice some words or gestures you actually understand, as well as other forms of communication, such as pointing and grunting. It's important to name the objects he points at — or point out objects of your own — to help him learn the names of things.

Give your baby a play-by-play description of what you're doing — whether you're dicing onions for dinner or folding the laundry. As you put him in his stroller, say, "There you go, into your blue stroller. Now, let's buckle you in and get you comfortable. Okay, we're off to the park."

You can also sing nursery rhymes, demonstrate actions that go with words (saying "bye-bye" and waving, for instance), and play games, such as ring-around-the-rosy, so he learns to identify key words and phrases.

He'll soon start to make the connections. Before long, he'll be clapping his hands together when you do and may begin to say "mama" when he's looking at Mom and "dada" when Dad comes into the room (though at this point he's still more likely to use the two words indiscriminately).

DIY - Jules refurbished 4 wheeler wine crate

here's a weekend project done by hubs and myself - a 4 wheeler for Jules. We adopted a wooden wine crate from our neighbour, bought ourselves a can of varnish from IKEA and a packet of castors from IKEA too during their MARCH-in sale.

So here's how we did it. - very simple DIY.
As it's for our baby Jules, we need to sand down all the rough and sharp edges in picture 2.
After sanding, brush off all the dust with a small broom and we can start to varnish the crate!

here's showing me sanding down the wine crate. Give it a good scrub all around the edges - smooth and round.

Next, apply 2 coats of varnish. I've used the IKEA "antique glazing" for this worn down look.
 after letting the crate to dry overnight, hubs screwed on the castors the next day.

here's a tray which I want to introduce to my readers! Hubs bought it from Daiso. It's a magnetic tray to hold metal objects well you do your handicrafts. I find it so useful to hold my screws without them rolling away!
See! in Picture 6, you can see 2 stow away screws at the bottom of my magnetic tray which tried to "roll" away but couldn't!!! hahaha

here's the finished product!
 here's the IKEA varnish which i used for the wine crate.

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