Saturday, March 23, 2013

DIY - Jules refurbished 4 wheeler wine crate

here's a weekend project done by hubs and myself - a 4 wheeler for Jules. We adopted a wooden wine crate from our neighbour, bought ourselves a can of varnish from IKEA and a packet of castors from IKEA too during their MARCH-in sale.

So here's how we did it. - very simple DIY.
As it's for our baby Jules, we need to sand down all the rough and sharp edges in picture 2.
After sanding, brush off all the dust with a small broom and we can start to varnish the crate!

here's showing me sanding down the wine crate. Give it a good scrub all around the edges - smooth and round.

Next, apply 2 coats of varnish. I've used the IKEA "antique glazing" for this worn down look.
 after letting the crate to dry overnight, hubs screwed on the castors the next day.

here's a tray which I want to introduce to my readers! Hubs bought it from Daiso. It's a magnetic tray to hold metal objects well you do your handicrafts. I find it so useful to hold my screws without them rolling away!
See! in Picture 6, you can see 2 stow away screws at the bottom of my magnetic tray which tried to "roll" away but couldn't!!! hahaha

here's the finished product!
 here's the IKEA varnish which i used for the wine crate.

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