Saturday, March 9, 2013

Jules - Daddy's gonna make you a steering wheel toy

Jules: weee!!! i have a new toy?!?!?

hubs read online that there was this father who did a steering wheel toy for his son who loves wheels.

Lately, Jules is into those coin machine toy cars in shopping malls.
Whenever we walk pass one, he will point insistently at it and smile.
And if we let him play in it, he will keep turning the wheel on and on. He can go on forever! He simply is being entertained.

so what we do now. we eat first while helper feeds Jules.
We finished eating, bring Jules to the toy car while helper eats.
When helper finished eating, we all either go grocery shopping or window shopping or go home.

morale of the story.
Jules loves toy car steering wheel.
hubs loves jules.
hubs make toy. - use frisbee, a plastic box from IKEA plus a screw+washer and nut.
Jules plays toy.

frisbee works well as steering wheel.
plastic box does not work well as car because too light and baby will pull it around together with wheel.

if possible, screw the frisbee to something more permanent.

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