Sunday, March 24, 2013

Jules - Sipping from a sippy cup

ok...i haven't been a very diligent mother at tracking my son's development but here are some photos depicting his 'recent' developments.

i think it was about 3 weeks ago that he started to crawl up a step...then he moved on to crawl down a step. So it's definitely up first then down.
here's a recent photo of Jules...although he has started his sippy cup since 6 months old, I haven't really taken a photo of him drinking from it by himself. So here's how our son is drinking from a sippy cup. Yes, very lazy, one hand does it all...and usually after a sip, he will slam the cup up and down continuously. I think it's his way of having a good fun with his cup.

i don't really mind it at all since it's made of plastic and I'm too lazy to stop everything that he is doing. If i do so, i think i will go mad from trying.

so if you ever see a baby blabbering or screaming like he is having fun, or slamming things on the table and you are wondering whose baby it is, maybe it's mine!

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