Saturday, March 16, 2013

Hoshino Coffee @ Plaza Singapura

Pescatora Seafood

service really slow, hubs and jules waiting...

pretty crockery

our bill

fuwa fuwa

french toast
Plaza Singapura's new extension not only boasts of a BIG GAP and uniqlo but also more eateries and more shopping! This. I totally agree.
Every weekend, there are queues at all the restaurants like skinny pizza, chef wan, Hoshino coffee, some hotpot Jap restaurant and a teahouse.

so this weekend as I needed to get some craft materials from Spotlight and Daiso, we decided to try Hoshino coffee.
Funny thing is that hubs has already made me a coffee sock coffee. So although we visited a coffeehouse, we didn't try their coffee at all.

What we tried was:
Fuwa Fuwa - a souffle which had tomato rice with strips of beef and ham and mushroom. $15.80
French toast with a huge scoop of cream and maple syrup on the side. $9.80
Pescatora Seafood - pasta with 3 prawns, scallop, squid, mussels and clams. $15

Fuwa Fuwa - so jiggly!!! like a jelly. It's really soft and moist on the insides. Though if you are not a fan of half cooked egg, I suggest you better not try this. Not really my cup of tea.

French toast - yummy enough. the toast was very thick and very egg-y. Portion quite huge, or maybe cos I was quite full with my pasta.

Pescatora Seafood - the best among the 3 dishes which we tried that afternoon.

overall - ok. so-so. Will I come back again to queue? No.
service - very very slow. I thought the souffle was slow. Even waiting for the pasta was slow.
price - if it was cheaper, maybe i might queue again.

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