Saturday, March 9, 2013

Jules - One day from being a 10 month old baby!

Jules is really a cute baby, always giving a smile when I hold the camera to him!!!

Now at 9 months turning 10 months soon, he has mastered the skill of crawling quite well and can crawl up steps too, like the ones from my living to the patio and kitchen areas.

 here comes Jules, taking his baby crawl.

 Jules showing up his toothsome grin.
He has 5 teeth now, 3 at the top and 2 at the bottom.
 Jules showing us that he can crawl and climb up a step.

His checkered blue green pajamas are from baby MUJI where we bought from Japan Tokyo.


  1. Hihi velle, does ur helper clean ur inlaws pl too when jules goes over everyday? Tks!

  2. Hi there, she does sweeping at my parents place when Jules is asleep. That's about it. She mainly looks after Jules. Back home she looks after jules and does the laundry twice a week. Cleans our place on sun.


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