Sunday, January 27, 2013

Jules - With a bunny tail

Jules - Chilled Teether with water

I bought this pigeon teether from NTUC. I read somewhere on the internet that chilled teethers might provide some relief to babies who are teething. And all my teethers are quite hard, so I thought I try this one instead where it has water mass in it for chilling it in the fridge and it has 2 types of hardness to it.

i guess every baby is different.
after about 1 min flat, he throws it on the floor.
my guess is that he still prefers his hard rubbery tommy tippee teether that is shaped like an ice cream cone.

Good news is that so far he hasn't much trouble with teething and his 4 teeth all came out within a span of 3 weeks which I think it's super fast! it's like one min he has no tooth and next moment he has 4!

Jules - The Pang Sisters

The Pang Sisters came today to visit Jules and brought him a gift which he was so excited about!
Even at 8 months, he understands the meaning of present or toys...something which he finds interest in.

Every night he will cruise to the corner of his toy box and will bend over to lift the lid and pull the box of tous towards him. He then drags his toys out one by one, examining every one for 2 seconds and dump it onto the floor. He repeats this motion until every one of his toy is out of the box.

i call this his "pick and dump" exercise.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Jules - He bites What he sees...including leg Hair!!!

Jules crawls to his dad and takes a bite off the shin...
eeeewww....jules making a face because of the hairy incident.
pui pui pui
yuck yuck yuck.
i think his tongue is sending shivers down his spine.
he squints his eyes, and knits his eyebrows.

 and he smiles to his dad lovingly who is guffawing at the silly boy!
this time he tries to lick the hairy shin.
this boy doesn't learn.
hairy shin and mouth doesn't go darling.

Jules - Biting butterfly teether

Jules - Snapping his fingers

Jules trying his hands on snapping fingers.
Not successful but the motion is correct.
Funny how babies pick up things you never knew it actually interests them.

Jules - trying his luck at the Queenstown Swimming Complex

we have tried our luck at bringing Jules to the swimming pool twice and he didn't like it at all because of the cold waters.
First time was on Star Cruise, the second time was at Hard Rock Cafe Hotel.

this time, saturday it was a sunny afternoon!!!
So we decided that the waters must be somewhat being heated up by the afternoon sun. So we took our chance, brought our gear and baby...blew his floats up and took him into the pool.

at first he was abit hesitant...but after warming up, he loves it!!!

 we even brought his bath buddies along to cheer him up in case he feels insecure in the pool
 and we also brought his neck float in case he didn't like his hand floats.

Jules - First swim at Queenstown Swimming Complex

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Jules - Hotel Equaris and Resorts World Sentosa Day 2

 Jules and hubs at the balcony this morning watching groups of birds flying by.

 Jules is all ready for the lunar new year - practicing his "Gong Xi Fatt Choy" hand clasping gesture.

we bought some buns from Breadtalk the day before as we are not having any breakfast at the hotel. So after we ate our buns, we changed into our swim gear and off we went to Hard Rock Hotel's beach! It's a man made beach swimming pool which is a real hit with the locals and tourists.
Initially Jules was very upset with the cold waters and was very apprehensive. After awhile he got used to it and started to look at the other children who were so happy playing with the water. And there were many kids with their shovels and buckets, trying attempts on making a sand castle.

and this is the first time I'm wearing my 2 piece bathing suit after my delivery. 
Here's a picture of my Before and After - everyone can slim down after giving birth gals! 
I think my secret to slimming is a combination of:-
  1. breastfeeding for 4 months
  2. Jamu which i took the 5 days course
  3. household chores including the first month after delivery

here's Jules wishing you all a Happy Lunar New Year!!!
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