Saturday, January 19, 2013

Jules - Hotel Equaris and Resorts World Sentosa Day 1

Hubs' parents managed to get a complimentary 2 nights stay at Hotel Equaris at Resort World Sentosa. On Saturday, we checked into the hotel for a night's stay and this was Jules' first time to Sentosa Island!

King size Simmons bed and Jules was very comfortable and happy on it. Plus we brought his pillow and he felt just at home. The room was very spacious with a large LED tv, writing table, L shaped sofa, large balcony overlooking the rainforest belt. Lots of greenery. The ensuite toilet was very spacious too. With separate cubicle to the shower and WC. 2 separate basins, built in hair dryer and tv and a large bath tub where hubs, jules and myself went in for a swim!!! The bath tub was so big that the 3 of us in our swim gear could fit us sitting comfortably.

in general, the hotel room was very comfortable, clean and welcoming.

View of our balcony and lots of greenery.

it has been drizzling and raining the whole day, so Jules is wearing a hat here to protect his little head.
here's the other view if your room is not facing the rainforest will see the hotel villas and swimming pool.
Double volume Hotel Lobby area with a drop off area and free shuttle service to all the neighbouring hotels like Festive hotel, Hotel Michael and Hardrock Cafe Hotel. Jules is all comfy on the sofa here, waiting for the shuttle bus where we hopped on and went to the Galleria.

went down to the Malaysian Food street to look see look see and ended up buying a bowl of hot piping Hokkien Prawn Mee. Hubs went to get his chicken briyani which i find ok.
my yummy Hokkien Prawn Noodles though a bit too salty for my liking, but nonetheless, really savoury. MSG??
Price: $5 with 2 prawns, strips of pork, 1 whole hard boiled egg,beansprout and fried shallots.
outside Candylicious store with some cute M&M figurines. And we bought 2 bibs here for Jules, really cute - one is called Angel, the other called Devil. Will post photos soon.

click here for the post on the cute bibs!

after touring around RWS and taken some photos, we went back to the hotel room to rest before heading out for dinner again. 

 Jules found a new hobby this weekend - biting his toes!
this makes changing diaper really easy cos we don't have to lift his butt anymore! he does it himself. hahaha....

yum yum.

back to the Malaysian Food street for dinner and this time round i ordered the Lor Mee($5) which was horrible and hubs had Ngor Hiang and Wanton Noodles($4) which he said was not bad.
and it was only 830pm so we still had half an hour to roam the place before the Crane Dance starts at 9pm. So we walked on the outskirts of the Maritime Museum...

 9pm: Free admission to the Crane Dance show.

 and fireworks to end the show.
and we took a slow walk back to get to the Galleria to hop onto the free shuttle service to get back to our hotel. But before that, we stopped over the Lake of Dreams for a short show of water fountains and fire bursting out flames....and loud music. I'm not really fond of this show, I think the Crane dance was better though not fantastic.

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