Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pregnancy #18 - Dining at Imperial Treasure

hubs is still pulling his toy out to snap!


so here's our dinner shot at Imperial Treasure Marina Square...and I'm having the braised Beef Noodles... *slurps*

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pregnancy #16 - CUSHION

saw this really cute cushion cover for toddlers at Daiso!

so irresistible and it's only $2!!!

and it fits perfectly on my little white chair.

Pregnancy #15 - Bunting Making!


it's very easy and i took only 2 nights to finish it!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Pregnancy #14- 27 Weeks

hubs is still very hands on his new found toy!
Keeps snapping at everything... here's a record of mommy going out to meet her in-laws on a sunday afternoon!!

i hope you had a great weekend too. =)

Friday, February 24, 2012

Pregnancy #13- Baby Care Festival 2012

it was a crowded saturday at the Singapore Expo because there was the Baby Care Festival and the NATAS it was so difficult to get a parking space!

But we were fortunate enough and had someone coming out when we turned into the parking lane.

and again without fail! we bought another load of stuff for our baby!
And we even Q for free pampers from Huggies!!!

Pregnancy #12- Go Go Curry

Today...Hubs brought me to Millenia's Go Go Curry for a platter to be shared by 2 persons!

Pregnancy #11- Breakfast

read somewhere that preggers should eat high fibre food and a sumptous breakfast!
So this morning since im on MC, im having a cuppa freshly squeezed orange juice (although it's from a carton! muahahaha but that's what it claims on the cover of the carton), hard boiled egg for protein and 2 slices of multi grain wholemeal bread!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pregnancy #10-Home Cooked Porridge

was down with severe acid reflux and nausea, so doctor gave me 2 days of MC to rest at home...
and i'm only in my 2nd trimester!!!

Ask doctor since the baby is going to get even bigger and likelihood of him pushing my stomach even higher, the chances of acid reflux worsening will be higher right?

Yes she said, you are right!

Then HOW!!!! OMG.
the feeling of acid reflux likens to someone stuffing down chilli padis down my throat and giving me a throbbing headache!

she said that perhaps i need to consult my gynae and go into long term medication!


Pregnancy #9- 26 Weeks

just before going out to watch a movie with my colleagues at the newly opened 112 Katong Mall!

Pregnancy #8- 26 Weeks

>>> gosh how time has flown passed!

and i didn't take a picture of myself at our 25th week!!!
So here's a series of photos of my growth at my 26th week of pregnancy...hubs is trying out his new camera so he's taking loads of photos now...teehee.

Pregnancy #7- 26 Weeks

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Alternative Tang Yuan rolled with peanut shavings

hubs love my dumplings (Tang Yuan) dried rolled with peanut shavings!
Makes a good supper when he's hungry.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Joash Baby Shower

Straight after my visit at the BabyExpo...i had to rush off for a good girlfriend's baby shower at Toh Tuck (west zone)...and the traffic was so slow coming down from the east side! Also it was due to the rain i guess....everyone's being extra cautious.

me and another girlfriend of mine and we are both expecting to due in the same month!
- May 2012!!
and both are us are expecting boys too!!!

here's my pretty girlfriend whom just delivered a 3kg boy and looking terrific here!!! All glowing and radiant. And a picture of the sweets which they are giving out to the guests.

here's a picture on the polo sweets which they lovingly put their son's photo on them!

here's another picture of kit kats being made-over!

Baby #16 - What i bought at the BabyExpo!

Here are my buys from the BabyExpo!

After buying more than $100 purchase, buyers are entitled to buy Avent milk bottle teats for $5 each! So i bought the Pink, Blue and Orange ones because the milk bottles which i bought came with the yellow and green now i have a complete set.

I also bought some nifty colourful bibs $10 for 3... these most probably are for going out home will use the plain white ones which i haven't gotten down to buying yet!!!

And of cos the biggest buy of the day was the 3-in-1 stackable AVENT sterilizer which cost $105 after less.
The 4oz twin pack milk bottles were $20
The 8oz twin pack milk bottles were $26
Wash cloths $3
Baby Romper $2
Mothercare 5 Rompers in a pack $15

Baby #15 - Baby Expo! BabyCare Festival!

hello peeps!

here's some updates on my pregnancy...just over the weekend was a hectic saturday for me! - Confinement lady's bed being delivered > BabyExpo > Joash Baby Shower > have to get ready hubs' Birthday present! > Grocery shop for the BBQ the next day!! PHEW!

And Sunday we were having friends over for BBQ which i suspect will last the entire afternoon!

The Baby Expo held over the weekend...
17 Feb - 19 Feb at Hall 4A

Hopefully those parents out there waiting for a good bargain managed to get what you wanted...fret not if you have missed the first baby expo, because there's another BabyFair by Mediacorp coming up this weekend at the Singapore Expo again.

BabyCare Festival
Singapore Expo Hall 3A

so catch it if you can...if your schedule is too tight again...then well! i heard there's the Takashimaya Baby fair coming up in March!!!

Monday, February 6, 2012

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