Saturday, February 18, 2012

Joash Baby Shower

Straight after my visit at the BabyExpo...i had to rush off for a good girlfriend's baby shower at Toh Tuck (west zone)...and the traffic was so slow coming down from the east side! Also it was due to the rain i guess....everyone's being extra cautious.

me and another girlfriend of mine and we are both expecting to due in the same month!
- May 2012!!
and both are us are expecting boys too!!!

here's my pretty girlfriend whom just delivered a 3kg boy and looking terrific here!!! All glowing and radiant. And a picture of the sweets which they are giving out to the guests.

here's a picture on the polo sweets which they lovingly put their son's photo on them!

here's another picture of kit kats being made-over!

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