Monday, July 31, 2017

Jules and James // Racial Harmony Day

good lah. at least they get to rewear their traditional CNY costumes.

 Morning Jules dressed up as an Indian Prince and had his photo taken with his classmate - Elizabeth.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

The Kids at Skies Miltonia - Swimming!

Jade - 7 months and enjoying her dip in the cool waters

Happy Birthday Clarus

my nephew turns 2!

 above: my SIL parents made really good beehoon and curry chicken! Her mum also fried some cuttlefish balls, nuggets and french fries for all the kids. My MIL bought a whole duck to share plus bunches of rambutans and almond gingko for dessert.

It was a small family gathering but everyone had fun, especially the kids.
 The pretty ELMO cake and my confinement nanny who is taking care of baby Julius!
 above: Photos of baby Julius!

Our Extended Family Photo!

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Jade - Bringing Jade to her first Zara sale

Jules James & Jade - At Vivocity Playground

Vivocity has just revamped their playground with more rubberised flooring, trampolined zones and a built in slide made of concrete which I though was unsafe! It's so hard and not kid friendly at all. Firstly the gradient is too steep and makes kids going down too fast and almost no time to brake when they land. Plus if they slide off course, they might hit their little heads against the sides of the slide which is so hard!!!

I think Vivocity should rethink about their slide. Not only did I find this slide too hard and unfriendly, i think the swings are ridiculous too! There's a chain hooked from the middle of the swing to the bottom of the floor. I understand that this is a safety precaution so that the kids do not "over swing" but it was almost impossible to swing at all!!!

The only parts of the playground that my children enjoyed are the rotating eggs in red and the trampoline zone.

 above: the ridiculously steep slide with hard edges/curbs on the side
 above: James with a smile although he got bruised on his sides from coming down the slide too fast.
 above: James super unhappy with his low swing seat that can't swing at all.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Jules & James // excursion

Today they are off to Bollywood veggies and Vivocity Giant to learn more about fruits and vegetables.

Jules came home to tell us that he thoroughly enjoyed it!

Jade - What Teether Am I using for my children?

This is my 3rd child and I just want to say that I find Tommee Tippee Easy Reach teether by far the most ergonomically designed for babies to grab and bite. For my first child Jules, I bought like almost 10 different teethers for him to grab and bite, chew and throw and what-nots. They came with liquid insides to have a cooling cum numbing effect but hey, he just puts it in his mouth for a second and he threw it away! So it really didnt' have any numbing effect on his gums.

others, he just didn't have the "strength" or motor skills to hold it for long. Others, i guess it was just not the right size for him to put into his little mouth.

so it was only Tommee Tippee that won above all. So from then on, I only used that for my second child James and now Jade who loves it! and finds it so easy to grab and chew.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Jade - saying goodbye to me before i go to work

she will commando crawl quickly and "eh!" really loudly to me.
how cute is that!!!

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Jade - Wooden Toy Camera

Bought this toy wooden camera online cos I think it's sooo cute! I like it more as an ornament rather than a toy actually. So right now, it is just sitting nicely on our wooden shelf for display and Jade never played with it. hahah....

but Jules saw it and wanted to play with it but I just told him that it was for mei mei and he left it at that. Thank goodness.

Jade - Having dinner with us at a Japanese Restaurant

Shin Sapporo Ramen

Jade - Baby Elliot comes to play

 Sunday Playmates

Jade - Daddy Daughter moment

pampered baby who needs to sleep on our chest every night. almost.

Online Purchases for Jade

i've always wanted a wooden toy camera and these eyelash wall decor.
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