Monday, July 3, 2017

Jules James & Jade - bunking in

every night, the boys are entitled to 2 videos before they sleep. Jules is usually the one who decides which video to watch and James pretty much don't have a say or get to choose anything. Luckily he respects his elder brother a lot and is very easy going by nature, so they never really quarrel or fight over which video to watch.

Jade on the other hand, has just started to learn to socialise with her brothers! She now wants to be part of their "gang" and often "throws" herself at them when I'm carrying her. She's a little too young to start watching videos, although her 2 brothers are super eager to make space for her to sit between them. They tried a few times but it all ended up with Jade snatching the handphone away because she thinks it's something that she can chew on!

Her brothers tend to have more patience with her and very accommodating to all her antics. Examples like she will snatch the video away and throws it around, so the boys' video gets disrupted but they never get upset with her but just pick up the phone and start watching where it was left off.
there are times when she will thrash their lego buildings to bits and they just go "hey mei mei!" and then they start building all over again.

i tend to think that they inherited this "niceness" from their father.

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