Friday, July 21, 2017

It's McDonalds Again!

hey folks!
have you tried McDonald's latest burger?- NASI LEMAK! I know it has lots of mixed reviews about how the sambal chilli is not spicy enough or the taste of nasi lemak is not being brought out strong enough, or simply that it was too hyped up as it was totally sold out in some outlets.

i really like it! I like it that it taste like nasi lemak to me. Love the tender chicken and fried egg, topped with chilli sambal, crunchy cucumbers...and I'm not a fan of bandung (rose syrup) but this time round, frizzy bandung actually worked for me!!!

the coconut pie is a hit and miss. I don't think it's very "singaporean"....perhaps durian pie might be more of a local flavour?

well all in all, i thought it was a really great idea that food outlets are introducing all these local dishes because of the approaching National Day! Hope this gets to happen annually and I really look forward to creative foods like these!

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