Sunday, December 30, 2012

Star Cruise Superstar Gemini - Interiors

very old looking toilet. beat out and worn out. Old doesn't matter, the worse thing is that it doesn't even look clean.
 See how dirty the light switches?
Missing shower curtain. But it was the missing blanket that was more important, I can live without the shower curtain for 2 days. Oh yes, i forgot to mention, water is the most important. and we stayed in the cabin for almost 2 days without water. Can't shower, can't brush teeth and wash face, can't even flush the toilet bowl.
see how dirty, rusty and old the lights are??? YUCKS.
and that's the flooring of the shower cubicle. I don't even dare to zoom in. Think it will scare you all.

Star Cruise Superstar Gemini - Day 2

Day 2 started quite early as I didn't want to be late for breakfast and I wanted to get some bananas or apples from the breakfast area to mix with my cerealac for Jules. It was then that i realised that the fruit area only had watermelons and pineapples.


so we went to the chinese restaurant where they had the plain white porridge which i put into a vacuum flask for Jules. Yes. My poor baby is going to eat plain white porridge for the whole day.
Not even cereals for him for breakfast since they didn't have bananas or apples.
 But after breakfast, we brought Jules up to the decks for a seabreeze, he was uber happy!!!! SO it made us happy too.

bear in mind, we still do not have water in the cabins, haven't showered for almost a day now...and we used bottled water to brush our teeth last night.

GOSH! how much longer do I have to put up with this man.
I really want to leave the ship.

this morning, hubs also visited the reception many times and told them to try to fix the water pipes.
OMG. around lunch time, we actually had water in our cabin!!!
OMG again.
quickly we all showered and of course Jules showered first.

here are the items which i forgot to mentioned in my earlier post:
  1.  i paid good money for 3 adults and 1 infant - booked a baby cot and baby bath tub online
  2. only 2 sets of mineral water, 2 pillows and 2 blankets, no baby cot, no baby bath tub.
  3. Reception said she has never heard of a baby cot or bath tub - WTH! it was their main website when i made the booking!
  4. after 11pm last night, still couldnt get a blanket for my helper and the aircon was very cold. Hubs only managed to get a BEDSHEET. OMG
  5. this morning, my poor baby woke up with whole face full of rash. DAMN. lucky thing, he was in a good mood.

 after the shower, i feel like a new person!

and we brought Jules down for a swim too! but he didn't really like the cold waters. and he was very suspicious about his swollen orange arms.

the minute hubs put him in the waters more than waist up, he starts whining and if we don't pull him out from the water, he starts crying.

 Jules has just gone for his afternoon nap and it's twosome for the both of us we just went back to the Karaoke lounge and watch people doing the ZUMBA! it was quite entertaining for the both of us. Once they finished their classes, we went down to the international buffet to have high tea.

and soon there was a surprise waiting for us!
after we returned back to our cabin around 4pm. There was no more water in our cabin again.
WTH. really cannot tolerate this nonsense!! It's a US$50million overhaul renovation! Why the hell is it like this!!!

but i still had to have my dinner and somewhat resigned to my fate.
I just want to get this night over and done with and I'm never ever going to go with Star Cruise anymore. Of cos, i'm going to put up a feedback form and demand some form of compensation for my time lost, my annual leave, my efforts to making it many intangible things too.

just want to tell my readers.

avoid Superstar Gemini at all costs.
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