Sunday, December 16, 2012

Jules under a stack of pillows

over the weekend, i bought new sheets from IKEA and they are limited editions of the FJALLTAG collections. I have no idea why I didn't see the ALPHABET quilt cover if not I would have grabbed it on the spot. And IKEA was also selling the cushion with many different lambs on it...quite vintage. I considered really long and hard while staring at it.

finally i put the cushion down, walked and didn't look back.
after 2 days I kept thinking about the cushion!!!
and I went back to IKEA, hoping to get one for myself. But it was all SOLD OUT!

now when it comes to IKEA items, my motto is : BUY FIRST THINK LATER.
if i think that i do not need that item, i have 30 days to return it back to IKEA.
But if i did not buy and want to get it, i may not have that chance again!

IKEA limited edition FJALLTAG cushion - LOVE LOVE LOVE!

here's Jules on my new quilt cover set and the little rascal has been flipping all over my bed this morning, rolling on my new sheets like an iron on an ironing board. SO i put 2 heavy pillows on top of him to hold him in place!

haha, now i can do whatever i want in my room without having to constantly watch him.

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