Saturday, December 8, 2012

Jules - Maxi Cosi Prior XP

Saturday came and we went to the Robinson's Expo Sale. Bought a few books for Jules, some activity packs for the kids who are coming to my xmas party & 2 packets of kettle chips (honey dijon our favourite flavour). Actually our main intention was to buy the Thermos Chef Shuttle but there wasn't any on sale, although we saw some La Gourmet pots.


nevermind, at least I didn't went home empty-handed after travelling so far down east.
after the expo sale, we went down to Baby Hypermart which was also along the east-side and bought Jules a car seat. This is going to be his xmas present, whether he likes it or not.

so after we purchased the Maxi Cosi Prior XP at a discounted price as it was an old stock model. The only colours available were brown, blue and red. So we bought a brown one for Jules.

Hubs and helper fastening Jules seatbelt and getting his baby fan ready. Jules looks quite pleased with his new "throne". And he doesn't look so squished in his previous seat.

 Yup and we are all buckled up for a ride. Jules giving the "can-we-go-now" look.

soon we were off! and i looked back at the little fella, who looks back at me! he seems to be doing alright.
 but it wasn't long before he started whining. so our helper gave him his teether to while his time away in the carseat...and he yawns... i hope he sleeps soon.

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