Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve 2012

here's what's cooking and baking in our house today. in the afternoon, i quickly baked a soft chocolate brownie for my sundae (real quick, think it was about 40mins) which is going to be the dessert for tonight.
Evening was spent baking the pumpkin for the salad,  bell peppers and potatoes for the turkey. Plus the turkey needs to be in the oven for 45mins!

We didn't have enough time to do the soup from scratch, so 2 cans of campbells will have to do the trick. But we added loads of fresh mushrooms in our soup.
My parents came over around 7pm and kept Jules company. WJ's parents aren't really into Christmas and his brother and sis-in-law are overseas, so this year, it's just my family and us celebrating Christmas.
 here's a clearer picture of Jules in his tie print t-shirt. Really adorable this t-shirt!

 mum and I are dressed in polka dots! And as usal, Dad is always have a swell time with his grandson - my son. See how happy my dad is, in this photo?

sorry for the dark photos, lighting at my place is quite dim! anyway once the turkey is all warmed up, dinner is ready to be served. So we put Jules in his high chair so that he can have dinner with us too. But he's not having turkey! he's having his usual porridge....hahaha
 Turkey + mushroom stuffed sausage, baked greens and cranberry sauce.

 Jules doing a funny face for Grandma to see... and she is pretty amused!
 my dad and my son having the same expression.
and to end our Christmas dinner with a sweet note.
~ hot fudge Chocolate Sundae with chocolate brownie, crushed oreos, malted balls and a scoop of vanilla ice cream~

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