Sunday, December 9, 2012

Jules - 2nd day in his Maxi Cosi

look at all the things we have brought to the car just to keep Jules occupied! As usual after awhile in his car seat, whether it's new or old, he will start fussing. So read online that there are a few methods to keep the baby"happy" in his car seat.

here are the few options which we read:
1) put his favourite toy there so that he will associate his fave toy to the car seat and he will only get to play with his fave toy in his car seat, which we shall adopt on normal day short trips to his grandparents.
2) distract him, which we are doing now, having all his toys with him cos we are going for a long ride.
3) let him sit in the car seat at home so that he will get used to the seat, not an option for us since we need to transfer him back and flo to his grandparents everyday.

 as usual, beginning of the car ride is usually very smooth and noise-free. until he starts to fuss...however, this time round...looked what has happened to our little Jules..

he was preoccupied with his knotty toy cum teether that he fell asleep! YEAH! peaceful ride for the both of us.

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