Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas 2012 - Opening Presents - THE FUN PART!

 this is Jules' first christmas and his present is the biggest one! and it's bigger than himself!
When Daddy first brought it over, i almost thought he brought a rocket for his grandson.

 see how happy Jules is with his present!! He must be thinking the bigger the better!!!

Jules has 2 presents from his grandparents. and one of them is a wooden toy bus where you can put wooden shapes into the bus. It's for 12 months and above but Grandma reckons that Jules can start early. So far he is only interested in putting the wooden bus driver into his mouth or smashing him onto the floor. Poor bus driver.

 my parents bought nespresso capsules for hubs!
 Jules is really happy when he sees his daddy opening his christmas presents!

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