Friday, March 28, 2014

Jules James and Ahren!

 James was sound asleep with ahren. both of them having the same sleeping position. Really sweet and adorable composition. Then came Jules the rascal who was so kaypoh!

 Jules looking over James and ahren sleeping.

And he decides to join them.

Jules - peering over our front wall

with the help of his grandpa.

it was a sunny friday afternoon when suddenly we heard noises outside our front wall and saw a huge box moving above our wall. Jules was very intrigued and asked his grandpa "what is it?"
So both the kay-pohs went to the front wall to see what was happening. Apparently my neighbour has just purchased a new fridge and the guys were delivering it to her door step. 

my dad helped Jules to peer over our front wall because he's too short. 
Guess what he asked his grandpa?

Jules: what are they doing?
Grandpa: you asking me! I can't see but you can you know!
Jules: what are they doing?
Grandpa:   !!!!

James - 39 days old

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Jules - Ostrich pose before nap time

I'm not sure whether do other toddlers do this funny pose while they are trying to sleep. But my son Jules does this every single day before his nap time and his bedtime in order for him to fall asleep.

i think it's so funny!!!
hubs thinks that it helps to flow all the blood to the head and then knocks him out!


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Jules & James - on the Parklon playmat

i think the playmat is one of the few investment products which is fully utilised after the bottle sterilizer! Not only does it serves as a mattress for Jules to take his afternoon nap in the living area under our ceiling fan as it's so hot during the day, now James is also enjoying himself on it!

as you can see from the photo, James is smiling sweetly by himself whilst his brother Jules is sleeping soundly at the edge of the playmat.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

James - Milk Rash

I remembered Jules had his milk rash days too and we rushed him to see the PD after 2-3 days when the rash did not clear on its own. James is having his milk rash now and it's been almost a week and we haven't done a thing yet.

i guess it's true about having your second one and you will be less paranoid about every single little thing.

James - 36 days old

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

James - 29 days old, wearing his new PJs.

If you are wondering where did I buy my newborn PJs for James's from Baby Uniqlo!
The onesies are really comfy and good for aircon rooms!
Jules - eating home made lemon rinds by Auntie Yuying

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Confinement food - Leftover red eggs into our pig trotter vinegar!

we have about 6 leftover red eggs from James Baby Shower and auntie has dumped them into my pig trotter vinegar. Not only that she has added pig's skin into my pig trotter too! She says that eating pig skin can reduce weight?!?!?

OMG. i didn't know that!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

James Baby Shower - Growing UP, UP, UP!

Time passes by the blink of an eye and James turns one month old. To celebrate his little milestone, we have invited some close friends and colleagues over for a gathering.

here are our party photos!

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