Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Confinement food - Auntie knows how to cook braised duck!!! Just like those in the hawkers!

ok i know duck is supposedly to be a "cold" meat so it shouldn't be labelled as a confinement food but I'm having it during my confinement so there's still some sense in labelling it as such yah?

Anyway what I'm driving here is
1) Even though auntie maybe 70 years old, auntie is quite open-minded - hence she made the braised duck which is believed to be avoided during confinement for me to eat. She is not the strictest because she allows me to sit under a ceiling fan, sleep in an air conditioned room, allows me to shower and wash my hair. But of course there are things which she still adheres to and will "nag" me for it when I ...do not drink my tea sitting down and when i forget to wear my bedroom slipper.

2) her braised duck is super awesome and she won 5th prize at a culinary competition without any proper presentation. She told me that she just decorated her braised duck with sliced chillies and chives.

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