Thursday, March 6, 2014

Baby Shower #2 - DIY party bags

coloured paper
brown paper bags
1.5 inch hole puncher (circle shape)
step 1: here are my coloured papers which I bought from Paper Market. And my circle hole puncher is also from there too. I'm using a 1.5 inch size hole puncher. My brown paper bags are from Spotlight. But my favourite store Daiso carries them too.
 step 2: You will need 4 circles for each hot air balloon.
 here's how it looks from the hole puncher. like any cookie cutter huh!
 Step 3: Fold the cut out into half
 Step 4: Glue all 4 halves together to form a semi sphere.
This is how the hot air "balloon" bit looks like. I'm using alternating coloured paper here. One with a pattern (herringbone) and one that is just a solid colour (green)
 All my cut outs laid neatly for me to glue them together.

Step 5: Draw the bottom half of the hot air balloon with a black marker. I drew it in pencil first before going over again with a marker. If you are confident enough, you can skip the pencil draw.

Pardon the harsh photography taken late at night as I can only sneak off some "me" time to do my party gear when all the boys are asleep. 


sometimes while i wait for Jules to fall asleep, I fall asleep myself on the bed. But thinking of James' baby shower being just the run-of-the-mill kind, i will just dragged myself out of the bed because I really want to do something extra for him.

Ta-duh! my finished product for James baby shower. And I'm all ready to give them out to all the children. I've filled it with healthy snacks like Uncle Toby's yoghurt muesli bars and raisins.

 And to personalised my bag, I've left a "thank you" message at the back of my party bag and tied it up with a blue thin ribbon as my colour theme is blue and green.
here are some day shots taken on the party day itself.


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