Sunday, March 9, 2014

Confinement Food Journey

 Today's soup is Lotus root soup!

Facts of the day:
The property of Lotus Root will change as it is being cooked. The longer the roots are cooked, the darker (redder) the soup becomes. Lotus root has many benefits like strengthening the bodies, dispelling heat and enhancing the appetite.

I definitely need some soup to dispel the heat from singapore's dry spell!

Above: Dinner-time! 
See the big bowl of pig trotter vinegar minus the trotter? It's all for me to down it! 
Will i turn black from drinking so much black vinegar??? My auntie says that drinking vinegar is good....erm. I ask her what good does it make. She says it drives wind away. 

no wonder i have been farting so much.

poot. <3

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