Monday, March 3, 2014

Confinement food - What's for lunch?

Things I found out from the internet about confinement food

Ginger is a very special ingredient in confinement food because it is believed to drive away the wind. The Chinese believer that when the body is preparing for labour, the body pores open up allowing wind to enter the body. Eating ginger is believed to counter the wind.

Wine is very important as it is believed to enhance blood circulation and help to spread warth and nutrients to all parts of the body. Therefore most food are cooked in wine and ginger.

this leads to my first dish --> steam fish in Dom Benedict topped with sliced ginger. But guess what, I usually push all the sliced ginger to one side and eat only the fish. haha.

Black Vinegar is believed to clean the womb of any leftover blood clots. The large amount of ginger and pig trotters are cooked in a large pot for several days. I guess it's quite a time saver for the auntie who only needs to cook once and reheat it for many meals later.

Woods' ear is thought to prevent blood clotting. Another dish which auntie frequently makes for me is Ginger sliced pork with Woods' ear. I love this dish because the woods' ear are so crunchy! And the Dom Benedict makes it quite sweet. Hmm, guess i have a sweet tooth after all!

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