Saturday, March 8, 2014

DIY Cupcake toppers - easy peasy!

For James' coming baby shower, we are gonna buy some red velvet cupcakes from 12cupcakes and top it up with my own personalised topper. For those of you mummies out there who are clueless to making a topper, here's my quick and easy peasy version.

Party sticks white. - i bought mine from Spotlight, if you want to save, you can use toothpicks.
Coloured paper - using the same papers again too
Hole puncher - using this again to keep the sizes consistent. I've used it for my DIY party bags.
Stencil - for that personalised initial touch.
Step 1: Using the hole puncher, punch 2 pieces of coloured paper to make one topper.
Step 2: Here i'm using a stencil and marking a "J" on all my toppers front and back.
 Here's how it looks like after the stencil marking
 my toppers front and back, all marked with "J" for James!

 Step 3: Stick 2 circles together with the party stick in the middle using UHU glue. And you are done!

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