Monday, March 10, 2014

Confinement Food Journey - Wo Tie 窝铁

i think i will not stop bragging about my auntie! She's really amazing!!!

We were out with Jules to do some NTUC shopping for the baby shower and went we returned home, auntie was in the midst of making dumplings for us to eat as snacks. And she has already put the baby to sleep. AND there was already a plate of dumplings all pan fried for us to eat...she actually making the 2nd batch now as I grab my camera to take pictures of her.
Left: the mini doughs which she is going to knead them into the dumpling skins.
Right: the dumpling filling which she has marinated
Left: second batch of dumplings waiting to be pan fried.
Right: Auntie kneading the dumpling skin

looks good yah!
and it tastes terrific-ly good. awesome.

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