Thursday, March 13, 2014

DIY Hot Air Balloon

For those mummies out there who are planning on a Hot Air Balloon theme party for their little boys, here's a tutorial on how to make your own Hot Air Balloon.

Paper lanterns
Baker's twine
IKEA duktig tea cup set
scotch tape

Above:  Dying process of my paper lanterns from Daiso. You can skip this step if you do not need a blue or coloured paper lantern. Or if you managed to find off the rack coloured paper lanterns. As my party theme is green and blue, I bought a bottle of food dye from NTUC and spray it onto my paper lanterns. I did a good spray and dry for 3 times before the colour finally sets in properly. This took me about 2 hours on a good sunny afternoon.

actually it's pretty simple. spray. let it out to dry. check again and spray. dry. spray. dry. And you will have your coloured lanterns in no time at all. They dry pretty quick as the paper are quite thin.

 here's the things that you will need.
step 1: You will need to measure the length of the paper lantern from top to bottom and right down to the tea cup and back up all the way to the top of the paper lantern. Once you get that length, cut the baker's twine. You will need 2 pieces of this thread for 1 paper lantern.

Step 2: tie the baker's twine from the top of the paper lantern to the bottom. I used a satay stick to poke a hole and thread through my bakers' twine at the bottom.

Step 3: I double side taped my cup to the saucer and scotch taped my thread to the underside of the saucer.

 finished product - cup & saucer with thread underneath held by a scotch tape.

And to continue a similar theme, i used back the same coloured paper which i used for my party bags and cupcake topper to make a bunting and tied it from one hot air balloon to another.

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