Sunday, April 7, 2013

Jules - Dim Sum with Grandparents at Red Star Restaurant

The helper's away!

i know this sounds bad, but whenever the helper is on her day off, we get to go somewhere to eat porky stuff!
And i love dim sum so much and you know how dim sum works = a basket of 3 or 4 mouthful of delicious nibbits to share with family.

so when there's 5 in the family, we will need to order at least 2 baskets...not only that most items we like, our helper cannot eat.
eg: siew mai, carrot cake because of the chinese sausages, century egg porridge, pan fried dumplings, pork ribs with beans,  meatballs, char siew sou etc.

then my helper don't do spicy too.
so she doesn't eat chicken feet, chilli yong tau foo.

do you get me???

so here i am, at red star restaurant, waiting in line, on my helper's day off.

 hubs in line with all the others, arms cross, waiting impatiently.
 finally we have a table and jules enjoyed himself by playing with the plastic plate and bowl.

 see the cheeky fella's smile! obviously he's having a whale of a good time!

so sorry, no photos of my dim sum because i was too carried away with eating that when the food started coming, i started eating!

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