Saturday, March 31, 2012

Pregnancy #47 - Movenpick Hotel Room

Movenpick Hotel Room
Basically, we are quite satisfied with the room facilities, although if it came with complimentary free Wi-Fi would be even better but no, internet access is chargeable...sadness.

The room was relatively new...why i say this was because the interior and bathroom looks pretty new, however there was tear on our bedsheets and the desk chair was stained. For the bathroom area, the vanity countertop also had stains on it, the free standing bath-tub had water leaking out when we filled it with water. So it's not completely perfect.

The plus items were the bathroom was fitted with a LED extendable mirror for ladies which was very useful when putting on our make-up, the drawer had a hair blower, the dim sum stack has loads of toiletries...however i don't understand why they only provide 1 number of shower gel, shampoo and moisturiser! It's not enough for two especially the bottle is so small!!!
King size bed with plush pillows!
Yes! we are happy with the complimentary Nespresso and TWG

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