Friday, March 9, 2012

Pregnancy #26- Keisuke Tokyo

today hubs brought me to Millenia again to eat dinner!
haha...well we are just trying out the restaurants here on the upper floor where there is a cluster of japanese dining restaurants. Seem to be a fad nowadays, putting all the japanese restaurants on one floor! - think Jurong Point, Nex Shopping Mall, Clarke Quay Central....

well today we are visiting a Ramen Dining Restaurant - Keisuke!
heard that they are the top 5 Ramen restaurants in Singapore. and they are famous for their crab stock ramen.

their order chits were easy enough to fill, they let you choose the 'hardness' of your noodles from hard to soft, whether you want spring onions and leek in your noodles, tick whether you want from no oil to normal.

We ordered a plate of gyoza to share.

overall experience: i don't think the crab stock is very fantastic but it's certainly original.
I much prefer to go back to Nantsuttei, Tampopo or Marutama.

have you noticed i'm never in the picture? because hubs is bored of his toy and doesn't bring it out anymore.

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