Monday, May 14, 2012

Jules #26 - Home Photo Therapy

Phototherapy bed
The test was done in a jiffy and we could go home. They said that the results will be out within 2 hours and sure enough, in fact it was like half an hour when the clinic called back (we were still in our car, on the way home) and said that Jules' Jaundice level was quite high and the doctor has requested for a home photo therapy to be done for 3 days and 2 nights.

The bed was on a rental basis and could be delivered to our door step within half an hour! WOW. so efficient? Each day cost us about $100.


my son is having his vanity sessions of high-tech sun-tanning.
Hubs is asking : what has happened to the good 'ole days when our parents used to sun us by the window when we had jaundice!

is this some quick buck way for the doctor???
 Jules needs to wear his eye pads here.

The photo rays (blue lights) are coming underneath him and he's wearing a suit with nothing on except his diapers. 
Phototherapy uses the wavelength of the blue spectrum of light to break down bilirubin molecules thereby assisting the immature liver to process the bilirubin faster.
i really hope this works and he will get well soon because mummy and daddy's pockets are not so deep darling!!!

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