Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pregnancy #63 - 37 weeks and Cramping

Last night i had the worse cramps ever! 
Almost once every hour from midnight till 4am in the morning.
I had to go the toilet every time to ease myself, thinking that it might ease the pressure off from my pelvic and i felt so hot all over and uncomfortable. I've never felt these "menstrual cramps" before since i was's almost like prophecy from my gynae who i just visited this Monday and she asked me whether have i started feeling any contractions of sorts lately. And I said not yet...and as i was down with flu and cough, she gave me 3 days MC to rest plus a bottle of cough syrup for me to eat. NOW it's all coming true!!!

This morning i was suffering from contractions now and then but never rhythmic or constant.
The cramps came on and off for a minute or so. I suspect it's Braxton hicks...but can't imagine once i go back to work tomorrow how will i feel!

At least now that I'm home resting, I can just move to the sofa or to the bed to rest for awhile when I'm having my major cramps.

Besides suffering from leakage, I suspect I'm having loose bowel movements too!
All major signs that the baby is coming soon as it's preparing me for my BIG TIME LABOUR!!!

so confusing!!!
Really wish we all know when the baby is due!

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