Friday, May 11, 2012

Jules #9 - Day 2 in Mount Elizabeth

Our first hamper of the day arrived in the morning!
Thanks to our secretary and her hubs...the rest i heard will be delivered to our home as they are afraid we will have too many things to carry home once i check out tomorrow.
I would like to say a big THANK YOU to 
  1. SST Principal Mr Chua and staff for remembering me and sent me a congratulations hamper too!
  2. Min Seong and Vanessa my consultants for taking time off to come down and visit me and brought me a gift!
  3. My favourite cousin Caris who also made time to visit me and purposely asked her friend from UK to buy rompers for our son and have it hand delivered to SG just in time!
  4. My parents who came down everyday to visit us and mummy who made red dates longan tea for me.
 me: always very excited once my food arrives...Yes, I'm a big Yao Gui.

Tried to breastfeed Jules but it's only Day 2 and my milk flow hasn't arrived yet...poor fella, starting to get dehydrated. Visited the Lactation Class at 11am and she said that most of the time, milk will start only on the 4th day Jules will be so hungry then!!! Just have to try and try, be patient and the milk will come...easier said than done.

Day 02
Gynae came in at 830am to check on my wounds. I'm having painkillers at every meal now...soon the Paedi came to check in on Jules and said most babies will start to show symptoms of Jaundice on the third day which made me very worried since I have no breast milk to feed him.
 And i'm burping him here...
 Cranky fella, doesn't really like the sunlight very much.

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