Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Jules #58 - Baby Shower Preparations

It's approximately 10 days to Jules Baby Shower!!! 
and I'm feeling excited and slightly stressed because Confinement Lady will be leaving before the Baby shower which means that i have to prepare everything before she leaves so that i can look after Jules once she is gone.

I've finally decided on my Baby Shower Theme - Nursery Rhymes and Bedtime stories...everything to do with books and literature!

Star picks for my sandwiches...
I've chosen to use magazine papers to make these a 'reading' theme to it.
Party Favours: 
Some flags to add to my paperboat to thank my guests for coming.

Full Month Shower Cake Flags
I'm going to add these cutezy flags which i have printed with my printer to my cake. It's going to be a 'castle cake!'

and what's a party without food tags?
I've made my food tags from paperbags as their paper is heavier in weight and sturdier. I've printed the food tags along with their names and associated Nursery Rhymes to amuse my guests.
 There's so much more things to prepare and it's already tuesday!!! 4 more days to go!!!!

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