Monday, May 14, 2012

Jules #22 - 我的大頭照

It's Jules' 5th Day and the Paedi has requested for him to go for a check up on his jaundice. And whilst waiting at the clinic, we started to take some photos of him since he was awake. Usually he's really sleepy in the day which is due to jaundice (we suspect). So YAY!!! quick quick it's time to snap some photos!!!
after seeing the Paedi who recommended for another Jaundice test because Jules was looking more yellow than ever...his tongue is half yellow now. Also he hasn't gained his initial weight yet but this did not concern our Paedi as he said usually it can take about 2 weeks for them to gain back their weight and this was only Jules' fifth day.

Paedi also said that if Jules did not gain any weight then might have to increase the formula...which i really do not want because the formula makes him sleep longer and thus do not wake up to latch onto me for breast feed and i prefer to direct feed rather than to pump it out.
opps! they are calling for us now!!! Time to put away the camera and pay our bill and go upstairs for our Jaundice test again...poor fella, going to have his heel pricked again. Jules doesn't know a thing!! see his happy face....

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