Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Jules #56 - Scrapbooking

I admit that I like most stuff that can be found in PaperMarket. But sometimes i find that their things are quite expensive! So I rather buy similar items from Daiso or even pay more attention to the mailers which i get from my letterbox. Those postcards from Dorothy Perkins, TOPSHOP, CLUB21 are really fabulous in their colours and graphic prints which can be used for scrapbooking too!

Jules' one month shower party is approaching soon...
In preparation for that, i've decided to do a photoframe scrapbook. And I'm proud to say that nothing is bought from PaperMarket!!!

Mostly are from Daiso or scraps of paper which i tore from a Magazine.
If the little bunting was leftover from the hot air balloons which i made the last time.
Little windmills are also self made from magazine papers.
Dolly is from my baking leftovers and some felt and lace are from Daiso again!

took me 2 evenings to visualize the entire collage and I wanted it to be 3 Dimensional too, so it had to be in many 'layers' which took a bit of planning as to which paper or fabric to be put first.

Overall I'm pretty satisfied with the overall result!

Jules' little scrapbook frame for his Baby Shower

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