Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Jade // 27 weeks old

At 27 weeks, rather than sleeping longer at nights, Jade wakes up often and needs feeding several times a night. During the day, she enjoys rolling, crawling, gurgling, smiling. Some days she can spend 30mins just playing by herself on the mat, other days she wants to be constantly carried around. There isn't a fixed routine or habit which we can follow or predict!

Just turning 6 months, she is quite an engaging baby that demands quite a lot of attention. But my bet is which baby isn't right? Also I read up online that at 6 months, babies experience many emotions in the lead up to full mobility, including frustration and disappointment. Their muscles are fatigued after a busy session of rolling and crawling so much so that they become irritated or annoyed when they can't reach for their toys. All this can add up to a bad day and a cranky, upset baby who needs reassurance and comfort! ie...more carrying...hugs and smiles to Jade!

little jade from above

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