Friday, June 9, 2017

Marina Bay Sands Staycation

Hubs' auntie is a member at MBS so she gets a few nights' stay quite often and many times she extends out these stays to relatives. This time round we got to stay over for a night. Both Jules and James are terribly excited and happy over this because they love the swimming pool here. Plus it's a real treat for the boys now that it's the June holidays and they don't get to go out often, often cooped up at home, watching telly or playing duplo....mainly they self-entertained alot at home during this one month long hodiday.
After work, I walked to MBS to meet hubs and the Jade too. They have already checked in when I got there. This time round the room was not as big as the one we stayed a few months back. Nonetheless, the boys were equally excited. As it was nearing dinner time, we decided to take a short walk to Toast Box to settle our stomachs.
The boys had their soft boiled eggs with soy sauce. A current favourite. I had chicken curry rice and hubs had their laksa. Hmm...if I'm not wrong, the food prices here are slightly more expensive?

Back to the hotel as it was running quite late already. We showered the boys in the huge bath-tub and let them played inside for almost 15 minutes.

Above: happy Jade in her Sunday Best. Peter pan collared dress from H&M with miffy socks. That night we allowed the boys to watch movie till quite late. It was showing Avatar and Jules was quite intrigued with the army robot soldiers and blue creatures flying and jumping around.

aaah....I didn't manage to catch any special pokemons.

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