Saturday, April 28, 2012

Pregnancy #61 - 36 weeks

hubs and I make it a point to try to take some of my pregnancy photos for keepsake, preferably on a weekly basis now that i'm starting to balloon. Previously it was a monthly photo-taking as there wasn't much progress that can be seen by the naked eye.

I really want to track this part of my life's journey... it's such a big change in both of our lives. Sometimes we wonder whether are we ready or not. But we tell ourselves that this is what we wanted and planned for right from the when it comes, it comes!

My baby has been a real kicker i must say!!!
He kicks so often and somersaults so much in my tummy that i feel jolts all the time...when i do my kicker count, i can finish 10 counts in less than 10 mins!

But I'm glad that he's enjoying his little one bedroom studio apartment! As dad calls it his 'swimming pool'.

so far i haven't felt any braxton hicks at all!!! Should i be feeling any??? cos my gynae just asked me at my last check up...and she also secretly asked hubs whether was i eating regularly or not because I haven't been putting on much weight!

since my pregnancy, i have only put on 9 kilos so far and baby weighs 2.5 kilos now!!!
Anyway, as long as baby is healthy, safe and sound. That is the most important thing to me now!


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