Sunday, April 15, 2012

Pregnancy #57 - Washing

BB's clothes got stuck!

 It's a sunny weekend!!! and it's time to do some baby laundry!!! So exciting...we started with the whites - mostly rompers, blankets and muslin clothes, terry we went to do the coloured rompers and tees, then followed by bedsheets and finally mittens, booties and bibs!!!

and they were so small that the booties got caught in the wheels of the washing machine! hahaha...that was so hilarious!


  1. Next time put them in one of those netting bags and they wont get stuck. Else, putting them in the washing machine without netting bags will cause the rubber of the clothings to loosen because they'll get stretched when washed. :)

    All the best for the pregnancy ger~

  2. Thanks! Sure to do that next time!!!
    We are greenhorns at being first time parents...hahaha


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